People behind our success

Meet our team

Ajavon Anthony Ayi

Ajavon is our founder. He boldly leads our effort to maintain our status as the world's leading legal firm!

Simon Green

While Simon is our most experienced paralegal, he’s also our client’s favorite one. Working for some time as a legal mediator, he knows how to approach people in different walks of life…

Carl Wilson

Carl, an Ivy League graduate and a proven lawyer, who’ve worked both in Europe during his 45 years long career…

Mary Dime

Mary comes from a real legal dynasty. Just like the previous 7 generations of her kin, she’s a lawyer and a pretty good one. Her commercial law acts are all short and winning!

Carter Smith

Carter is one of our senior lawyers. He’s with us since 1995 and he’s proven himself to be one of the most frequently winning civil litigation legal shark in the sea!

Lesley Harrison

Lesley is our managing partner and Germany’s leading civil litigation lawyer… She is a proof that female lawyers are just as good and sharky!

James Howard

James Howard has began his legal career in 1987, as an in-house legal intern in BerkshireHathaway… Since then, his 39 years long and counting career just became a primer for all young lawyers!

Andrew Nash

Mr. Nash has moved to Germany from Belgium. There he’s been vocal in winning any Employment law cases, standing right behind workers’ rights all the time…

Arthur Holmes

Mr. Holmes never does anything in half… He’s always fully dedicated to a case (or cases) he’s on and he diligently manages to win them each time (198 cases out of 199)…

Donald Brown

Mr. Brown is probably one of the most well-known former judges in Europe. Now he is a highly experienced and accomplished lawyer we are proud to house!

Ben Edwards

Though Benjamin is our youngest paralegal and lawyer, his assistance has proven to be priceless. In more than 300 cases he took part in so far, his contribution has always been really vital.

Steven Hill

Steven’s career have initially started out at a free legal consulting practice in Germany. After some time, he switched to helping people within our team…

AJ Legals...